Big dreams, small frame.

Hi! I’m Motunrayo. I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in International Security with a focus on Africa and Diplomacy. What does that mean? Yes, I’m figuring it out. The fairy-tale ending is one of a fulfilling career. Again, what does that entail? Why did I create this? I intend to share my thoughts and ideas on my field and some trials of the young professional.

Force to be reckoned with. Work in progress.

Hopefully, This Elementary Project would help me articulate my passions, strengths, interests and definition of success or fulfillment. I’m currently seizing every opportunity to gain knowledge and develop my diverse skills in preparation for that career in international relations and communications. My experiences, both academically and professionally have opened up the multinational who relates with people from across the world to achieve set goals.

Christian. Journey with me…

I love to read and here I’d be sharing chunks of information on issues that I find interesting – musings, lessons from past experiences and exploring the intricacies of my field(s) of interests. I look forward to sharing the occasional book review, interviews with vibrant personalities and useful tidbits.


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