The other day, I was sitting by the warm fire (of course I wasn’t) and thinking about the things I’ll miss about Zaria since I’m departing in a few weeks.. And it hit me, that ranged from virtually nothing to every damn thing.
Then I asked myself, “Tunrie, how did you survive 4 years in a place like Zaria?”

After a while of inward rumination, I decided and we are on it now. Zaria has beautiful clouds and a few other good things.

Well then.. From the eyes of an Ahmadu Bello student,
I. The weather
II. The people
III. Market
IV. The food

Ah.. The weather in Zaria is bipolar! I mean, it will be sunny at 8am, you run home from class to wash and while you’re about to dry your clothes, it starts to drizzle (true story).

Most of the time it’s hot, struggle butter-melting sun. During this period, never I repeat NEVURR go out without shades. Even if you can’t afford designer ones, grab one from the ‘aboki’, they are your friends and would hook you up with a handy N120 RoyBens, well most people won’t know the difference! #winning

When it rains, salt-melting rain… The time to look out for is Harmattan!! Whoop! Winter falshunz in bloom (¬_¬) LOOL!!  Beanies, hand gloves, scarves, socks, winter jacket, think it and yes, it happened! I’m wouldn’t be surprised if someone out there is getting some Uggs to rock in Zaria.

Cars are parked on pavements, pedestrians have to walk on the road, bus drivers and their conductors). Some animals have more rights than you do (don’t even argue) because cars will stop to allow a herd of cows cross the road but they will JAM you at the slightest provocation!

I don’t know how the people who live in Zaria do it. You’re heroes. Al-majairi people are everywhere and they will always beg, the ones to look out for are the young Lebanese children, ehn, those ones with curly hair, and are cutesy.. Take my advice, RUN. Yes, the Bible says the poor will always be in our midst (sigh) truth is most of these al-majairi people have more money than we students.. The other day I was passing by and I saw this old woman with her begging implements counting money, this was early in the morning and I spied a 1000 naira note (meanwhile, yours truly was broke, you get my drift?). I didn’t say you shouldn’t be generous though, people are suffering out there.

Zaria markets. Scratch the craziness of getting there, when you finally do you find that things are ridiculously cheap, at least compared to wherever you coming from..  but with N100 kayan miya (tomatoes and all) and N100 nama, your weekend stew is set.

Also for girls, the weave is also cheap and the rate of fixing it too, compared to wherever you’re coming from… This is one thing I will miss. *wipes lone tear*

We all get lazy every now and then and have to get stuff to eat… In Zaria, ‘yaji’ (seasoned pepper) is your friend, hold on tight to it. In no order of preference, you should try this when in Zaria. Fura da Nono, Tuwo n shinkafa, Kosai & Doya, Masa & Suya etc. Zinc House is your best companion and I recommend Zahs Hot chips, liver sauce and eggs.. I don’t eat much.. ^.^

In Zaria, if you don’t have a car, you have to perfect the art of trekking… Yea, its an art. Buy correct earpiece, tush your playlist up and get to trekking. I hope I’ve helped a little. Signing out. ^.^

Clouds, Memories

Clouds, Memories